Make Them Regret It - Revenge is a dish best served GOLD

ONE Asia 2024’s call for entry campaign is created by the Philippine's most award-winning independent creative agency GIGIL, based in Manila. 

Using the theme “Make Them Regret It,” the campaign’s message is clear and direct: winning at the ONE Asia is the best way to prove your doubters wrong. Whether it’s an ex-client, former employee, or rival agency, a victory here sends a powerful message. Make them regret ever doubting you by triumphing at the ONE Asia 2024. By connecting on this emotional level, ONE Asia offers not just an accolade but a meaningful milestone for every participant.

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2024 Entry Deadlines

Early Bird: June 21
Regular Deadline: July 19
Extended Deadline: August 9
Final Deadline: September 6

New for This Year

ONE Asia 2024 has added new categories across all disciplines. Explore a new Creative Use of Technology discipline and a variety of expanded categories across the board.

Category Highlights Include:


Creative Use of Humor
Creative Use of Drama

For Good
Culture Impact

New Rankings Points
All awards will receive rankings points, multiple awards for the same work within a discipline will not be de-duped.

One Year APAC Membership
An exclusive APAC Membership offer will be unlocked for agencies that submit a minimum of 10 entries to the ONE Asia 2024. The APAC Members will gain access to a myriad of complimentary perks, including a cross-media corporate profile featured, access to awards archive, jury nomination opportunities, and more. This opportunity is a one-time privilege valid for the initial year only. Subsequent to this exclusive period, the APAC membership may be renewed at a fee of $3,000.

Entry Resources